Artnaturals، زيت البرغموت 50 أونصة سائلة (15 مل)

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العلامة التجارية ارت ناتشورالز
عدد الوحدات 5.00 Fl Oz
الشكلالبنية دروب
حجم السائل 15 ملليلتر

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ALL essential oils are toxic they are highly concentrated volatile oils it takes a lot of plant matter to make that bottle which may also have concentrations of heavy metals etc. depending where its sourced that’s why its so necessary to dilute them.AVOID using them around pets and kids ( TOXIC)Do not use bergamot when going out into the sun!!As its photosensitive and will cause skin burning.If you MUST use it in a face product (i don’t recommend) then use < less than a drop per your product container. EO’s will cause burning and stinging to eyes/mouth/nose/armpits & sensitive skin.I've worked with them for many years so i know from experience and i also recommend getting a book or something for reference when using them at home. Also some oils are highly estrogenic so keep that in mind if you have endocrine imbalances kidney or liver problems..That being said i love this oil good strong true to bergamot scent!

Elle Long4.0:
This oil is a very strong fragrance. If you desire a fragrance that will travel throughout your home…this is it! The fragrance doesn’t last a long in an oil diffuser because the water will heavily dilute the fragrance but the oil does last very long when using an oil burner. Highly recommend.

M. L-S2.0:
I went to walmart to smell this oil before I ordered it off amazon to make sure I liked it. I lived thr smell of whatever brand I took a whiff of. When I got this the smell was not the same. This has more of a musky smell than what could be described as floral and spicy. I really dont like it because I feel it makes me smell more like a pine cone than citrusy. I am kinda bummed because I wasted my money.

I’d have to pour in 1/2 the bottle to get A hint of a scent. This stuff is horrible!But I do like the dropper!

Electronic pen for iPhone iPad5.0:
I like the scent of bergamot. It takes me back every I smell it.




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