Aveeno, أكتيف ناتشورالز، لوشن مركز مضاد للحكة، 4 أوقية سائلة (118 مل)

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العلامة التجارية افينو
عدد الوحدات 4.0 Fl Oz
وزن السلعة 0.33 رطل
أبعاد السلعة الطول×العرض×الارتفاع 6 x 19.1 x 14 سم

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أفضل المراجعات من المملكة السعودية العربية

Bought this for the inevitable mosquito bites on the ankles this upcoming summer. Those bites drive me nuts and make it so hard to sleep. I actually got a bite from something on my leg the other day and it was super itchy so i slapped some of this stuff on it and it definitely doesn’t work instantly. I had to put a second coat on and about 10 minutes later the itch wasn’t completely gone but it was bearable to the point i didn’t have to scratch it every 5 seconds and the itch went away after a while. If you want this strictly for bug bites ”After Bite” would be a better way to go. This is also only good for a year before it expires. I bought it because it was on sale and i was curious if it was better than After Bite… it’s not. I’ll be picking up a tube of After Bite as back up

I’ve tried green red beige aveeno brand products and blue is the best for my rash!My beard irritates my face at a certain length so I use this lotion and the itch goes away immediately.Interesting pink color.Thick creme.Smells like oats I guess but tbh I think it smells like moldy food at first but nothing to worry about.This product works and that’s all that matters!!!!

S. Mah5.0:
I had an allergic reaction to a face mask that I used several days ago. I ended up with hives and a rash that wouldn’t go away. On top of this my face itched and was pink. Upon applying this product I felt instant relief. It does not go on greasy and a very light application is all that is necessary. I’ve been using this for the past 3 days now once daily and my skin looks 100% better. Thanks Aveeno! 🙂

Lisa Vanharen5.0:
Aveeno is my favourite product ever you can always rely on it that it works and this one is no exception! Aveeno has made such a difference to my dry skin over the years and trust me I have tried hundreds of products with a lot of promises. For me Aveeno is the only one.

I have a mild case of eczema and use this lotion to reduce the itching and flaking.Some other brands really stings when applying but Aveeno goes on smooth without the stinging effect.I use for insect bites which reduces the itching but not the swelling.Overall a very good product and Amazon usually sells the newest products by looking at the expiry date.Some stores sells them with only 6 months before expiration date.




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