Crystal Essence Mineral Body Spray Pomegranate – 4 أونصة سائلة

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Very good! Very good indeed!When applied protect until I have a shower. Well I recommend you to have a shower at least once a day 🙂 and apply it after on dry skin.If you care for your health buy this mineral deodorant instead some mainstream anti-perspiring deodorants full of alluminium and other chemicals.

Le Cygne5.0:
This is my second bottle of this product in the pomegranate scent. I wish that I had purchased the 3 pack. Crystal Essence has created so many new fragrances and I plan to eventually try them all. but I must say that so far the spray products have a richer scent. I don’t have sensitive skin so there have been no adverse reactions; but if you are sensitive to certain scents it’s probably a particular fragrance and not the overall product. My Mother is highly allergic so she uses the unscented version of this product. The spray is also better because this is a BODY deodorant so I use it any where odors tend to occur i.e feet/under my bust etc

Crystal Donald2.0:
This deodorant spray was very light and had a decently pleasant smell.. It lasted throughout the day with no odor although my daily routine was not very active. However over time it caused a horrible rash under my arms. I could not continue with using it and had to throw it away. I cannot recommend this based on my experience! If you decide to purchase it make sure to test it for a few days to see how your body reacts to it. My body did not like this.

L. Thompson3.0:
Not much to the scent that I could actually smell…light fragrance. Not as fruity smelling as pomegranate scents for deodorants & body products I’ve used on the market. Doesn’t last as long or smell as good as the lavender purple & white spray deodorant.

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