Curlsmith – كريم مزدوج عميق Quencher – بلسم عميق مرطب نباتي للشعر شديد الجفاف أو المتموج أو المجعد أو المتعرج (8 أونصة)

اشتري اونلاين بأفضل الاسعارCurlsmith – كريم مزدوج عميق Quencher – بلسم عميق مرطب نباتي للشعر شديد الجفاف أو المتموج أو المجعد أو المتعرج (8 أونصة)✓ شحن سريع و مجاني✓ ارجاع مجاني✓ الدفع عند

رمز المنتج: B08639DTVD التصنيف:

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  • الترطيب والتغذية – The Double Cream هو بلسم عميق تم إنشاؤه خصيصًا للتجفيف الشديد أ

العلامة التجارية كيرلسميث
نموذج السلعة كريم
مميزات المادة طبيعي
نوع الشعر الجاف
الفئة العمرية (الوصف) بالغ
عدد الوحدات 8.0 Ounce
عدد السلع 1
عطر منعش
أبعاد السلعة الطول×العرض×الارتفاع 7 x 7 x 8 سم
حجم السائل 8 أونصة سائلة

تفاصيل المنتج

  • أبعاد المنتج ‏ : ‎ 7 x 7 x 8 سم; 227 غرامات
  • تاريخ توفر أول منتج ‏ : ‎ 2021 نوفمبر 14
  • الشركة المصنعة ‏ : ‎ Recipe Products Ltd.
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B08639DTVD
  • مرجع الشركة المصنعة ‏ : ‎ CURLSMITH
  • مراجعات المستخدمين:
    4.5 من 5 نجوم 1014 تقييم

يعتبر Curlsmith Double Cream Deep Quencher بلسمًا عميقًا تم إنشاؤه خصيصًا للشعر شديد الجفاف والباهت. يحتوي هذا القناع المغذي على قوام كثيف زبداني ، مما يوفر ترطيبًا مكثفًا

أفضل المراجعات من المملكة السعودية العربية

Loved that I could buy this smaller tube before committing to a big jar. Works a treat for my hair type 2C High Porosity. I had over a year period blonde highlights put into my naturally curly hair to move from brunette to the point where i could start to grow out my natural silver hair to use as a base colour. I have been turning grey since my late twenties but wasn’t ready to embrace it until my late forties. Obviously these highlights have taken a toll on my hair. I have also recently embraced the Curly Girl method so this brand is one that fits with this way or caring for curly hair. After the first use I was amazed at the differnce in my hair’s moisture levels and softness. I use it periodically as a mask and every other wash I add it from mid lenght to the ends Leave for 5 mins then rinse out. I have been so impressed with this product I took the plunge and order other products from this line. As with any hair care product you need to experiment with the amount you use and how you use it. Everyone’s hair is so very different. My search for a deep conditioner is over.

Ordered this product in desperation to help with my over bleached extremely damaged fried hair. I’ve tried so many moisturising conditioners and they all did nothing. So when I bought this I was a bit scared it would be the same result. Delighted to report – it actually works! Used it this morning for the first time and my hair is remarkably softer and smoother even has a bit of shine (not seen that in a while..!) I’m feeling the next time I use it it’s going to be even better. I have fine hair so I don’t need a lot. Although it’s expensive it’s worth every penny. It also didn’t weigh my hair down or coat it with that sticky feeling you can get. So if you’re hesitating like I was about buying it and potentially wasting more money… then take the risk I’m glad I did. I also never leave reviews… on anything… but I felt I owed it to my fellow dry hair peeps!

Maddy Raven3.0:
I had tried the free tester of this product before committing to the large tub as I’m trying to use more sustainable brands in my body care. I was disappointed to find that the packaging this product came in was plastic – which seems ironic for a company that claims to be eco-friendly and sustainable.Whilst the product makes my hair feel incredibly soft and moisturised and it smells lovely on my 2C hair I’m thoroughly disappointed that I fell for this greenwashing.

Amazing product it is so important to find out your hairs porosity first. Big lesson to learn in life and a valuable one. This product works brilliantly it highdrates my high porosity hair and is well worth the money. I went a bought the bigger bottle.

Amazon Customer5.0:
I have very long curly hair and i always had a hard time detangling them under the shower. With this product(have been using it for 2 months now weekly hair clean). My hair feels soft and moisturised without the need to empty half the bottle in the process. a little bit goes a long way





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